So far, people haven't been too happy about this season, and it's mostly to do with the whole "Flash Sideway" thing they've got going... People are much more interested in finding out about the island's history, as in the Flashbacks. BUT after last night's episode, I'm in LOVE with the Flash--sideways, not that i didn't already like them. Anyway, i'm sure people think the same thing, and i'm wondering wether people might like the Flash Sideways more than the Flashbacks now to be honest.

So my question for you IS:

Which Do you like most:

Ab Aeterno


Happily Ever After

Cause let's face it, these are definitely the most popular episodes of the season so far. So basically i thought that despite Ab Aeterno having a clear advantage of it being a Flashback Reveal episode, and Happily ever After having a clear DISadvantage of it being a Flash Sideways, Seemingly irrelevant episode. Which one do you like most? Start your comment with AA or HEA, depending on which was your favourite, and i'll count them up, whenever i can be bothered. Thanks :)

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