Ok, so after season 5, my obvious thought, as well as a lot of others watching, was if the bomb went off, then the survivors wouldn't have landed, therefore wouldn't have turned the wheel, therefore wouldn't have been able to blow up the bomb in the first place. Now in the premiere, we see the ALT-line, in co-existence with the firstline... It seems that the bomb kind of transdimensionally travelled from the FirstLine to the AltLine and exploded, therefore taking out the island and sinking it, hence making WHH all possible, and everything from Seasons 1 to 5 all possible...

HOWEVER, don't forget that the paradox rule still kind of applies, just differently... if the plane never crashed, the survivors never went back in time, and did what they did... Ethan is a doctor in LA in the newline, therefore he must have got off the island before the bomb went off, assumingly due to DI being evacuated. But if the survivors hadn't have gone back to the 70s, Daniel would never have told Pierre to evacuate the island... Soooooooooooooooo, what does this mean ??? Have i overlooked something here ????? Or simply looked too much into it ??? God i love Lost :)

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