Here's what i think about Desmond... Desmond is BLATANTLY important to the show, and to the island, and he has a lot to do over the next couple of episodes... If Widmore brought him to the island, then presumably he is part of stopping MIB... If this is the case, then Desmond still hasn't done what he has planned for us... However, No matter how much we like Desmond, he isn't important enough to the show to be able to completely vanquish MIB, but he might be used to release him of his powers... After that, Jack can kill him, good-ol' fashioned vendetta style.

I'm not sure how they'll do this, but I think when Widmore said to Desmond: "You're gonna have to make a sacrafice", he meant, you're going to take MIB's powers away from him, and then, in revenge, he's going to beat you to the ground, shitless, and kill your ass... It feels so possible.

But don't forget, he's still alive in the FST, and tbh, I think the FST will be the happy ending, unless we have another twist towards the end, where they leave the FST and come back to the island, for some unknown reason...

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