Because I am... And let me tell you, it's a weird feeling to watch it now... Now you know how the characters turn out...

Just watched episode 8 from the first season, the first sawyer centric... Sawyer is meant to be the dickhead, the bad guy who hasn't really proved himself, hasn't deserved the right to be rescued... Meanwhile, Sayid is one of the heroes of this episode, he tries so hard to save Shannon and get her inhalers back... In the end he almost kills sawyer and feels guilty as fuck for it... So he travels by himself, alone, around the island. Sayid, what a hero...

But watching it back, you can't help but think about how they end up in the end :/ Sawyer actually manages to escape the island, while Sayid's remains end up all over the wrecked sub at the bottom of the ocean :/

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