But first, let's look at the facts:

The "Light" is electromagnetism, presumably. Which means that it's most likely linked to the pocket beneath the swan. Agreed?

The Others were brang by Jacob. Jacob wants to protectt the light. This means that the Others must want to "protect" the light too. Agreed?

Nuclear Bombs blow things up, and usually have big potential in messing up the region it detonates in. Agreed?

So here's the question:Why did Richard, Elle, and the others want to help Jack and Co destroy the bomb, if they are meant to be protecting the light? And yes, I know, They didn't KNOW that they had to protect the light because Jacob never told them anything, but surely Jacob would have stopped them before hand? And then you might say, well, Jacob might not have known, which is fair enough, but wouldn't Jacob have been quite pissed off at people like Richard Jack Kate and Sawyer for trying to do it in the first place? It kind of completely falls under everything Jacob DOESNT want... Well, maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but tell me what you think

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