Life On Mars / Ashes to Ashes

    September 30, 2010 by SMIPOG

    A BBC Tv show that started in 2006. It ran for two seasons, then started its spin-off show that ran for three seasons. If you're planning on watching this show, don't read the comment section of this blog, as it will contain spoilers. But for those using this site that HAVE ALREADY watched the show in its entirety:

    What did you think?

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    1) So the series is over now, and all the guessing and theorising is pretty much finished now. But I was wondering, are there still a group of theory pages for the things that weren't quite covered? or at least not directly covered. I know that most things have been completely covered, and I also know that it's not so fun to write a theory about something when you know it will never be answered (now the show's finished). But I was just wondering if there were theory pages for things like the Purge, the Incident and it's post-events, etc.

    2) Has anyone else noticed that in a season 2 episode (I think it's claire's centric, Maternity Leave) Sun criticises Claire for leaving her baby behind for a few hours. Then, during seasons 4, 5, and 6, sh…

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    Please help

    September 1, 2010 by SMIPOG

    Can someone send me a link to a site or at least a youtube video for these things:

    Season 6 deleted scenes

    Season 6 Blooper reel

    Anything else you think i might be interested (to do with season 6)

    Thank you :)

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    But first, let's look at the facts:

    The "Light" is electromagnetism, presumably. Which means that it's most likely linked to the pocket beneath the swan. Agreed?

    The Others were brang by Jacob. Jacob wants to protectt the light. This means that the Others must want to "protect" the light too. Agreed?

    Nuclear Bombs blow things up, and usually have big potential in messing up the region it detonates in. Agreed?

    So here's the question:Why did Richard, Elle, and the others want to help Jack and Co destroy the bomb, if they are meant to be protecting the light? And yes, I know, They didn't KNOW that they had to protect the light because Jacob never told them anything, but surely Jacob would have stopped them before hand? And then you might say, wel…

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    What characters (not actors) do you think would be great on Jerry Springer?

    MiB and his family would definitely be a good one... with a caption underneath saying something like "My Mother killed my friends and my brother killed me"

    And Locke and his dad would be a good one. they always have strange family feuds like that: "My Father stole my kidney and put me in a wheelchair" then Jerry will bring a surprise guest onto the stage, Sawyer, which is where Sawyer will basically jump on cooper and try to beat the shit out of him, security will rush on stage, and the audience will start shouting "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!"

    Then, there always has to be a story involving a baby: "My best friend stole my baby and now I'm insane". Claire would be brilliant …

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