It's hard to miss the similarities between Salman Rushdie's book "Grimus" and the direction Lost is taking. Especially, after seeing the magic mirrors in the lighthouse, the similarities kept bugging me. And sure enough, I found a hint in one of the earlier episodes. In the season opener, Desmond is shown reading Salman Rushdie's book on the plane when he meets Jack!!! Here are the similarities:

Island that cannot be located geographically and the saga starts with someone crashing on the island. Island seems to have a strange, almost person-like qualities to it. People on the island having eternal life granted to them by the ruler (called Grimus). Two main characters are involved in/since the creation of the island. One of them doesn't want to get external/normal people to the island and plans to get rid of the other main character (his nemesis). And a third entity that is not even "Earthly" supplies these 2 men with magic objects and special powers (and frequently checks to make sure that everything is used as per the rules). Magic objects are very similar to the magic mirrors in the lighthouse! The main dude wants a replacement and gets a candidate - but the candidate has no clue why he is there and how he ended up there. When the candidate finds out that Grimus has been tracking him his entire life, he is pissed off at being manipulated. There's a free will vs destiny type struggle.

The rest I won't say because of the spolier policy. Feel free to discuss.

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