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February 17, 2009
  • S0825270

    May'be the candidates aren't only candidates for replacing Jacobs position but also the position that Mib holds. I was thinking this because of how he is now "locked" in lockes body and how parts of lockes personality are starting to come thro in him, the whole "dont tell me what i cant do" is basically his catch phrase and there is a possible relevance in the way locke brought this up in his conversation with helen. I also found the crossing out of lockes name very significant, so maybe the point here is that locke has now replaced Mib and in a way he kinda chose him as a replacement very unwittingly. This would also suggest that jack will probabaly be the one who takes jacobs position as the relationship between jack and locke throughou…

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  • S0825270

    libby's husband

    March 15, 2009 by S0825270

    Rite this is kinda random but it has been said that libby's past was going to be explored into more but obviously she dead so can't really do a flashback or anything. So may'be the way it will be done is through her husband who she mentions died to desmond when they meet in that cafe. May'be he was on the Island or something or used to be on the Island, may explain why he had a boat etc. Could also link to why she was a bit nutty i dunno

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