At the end of Season Five, when Frank was captures by Jacobs bodyguards, they believed that he could be a candidate.... right? 

Now the reason this is a theory is due to these facts.

1. He was suppose to be on 815 as well. Did someone who knows important information possibly keep him off?

2. When the Oceanic six went back he was on the plane. The Oceanic six had to be basically forced to get on the plane..... Frank was there because of what I believe is fate that he was always suppose to be on the island. Its true that Ben could have pulled some strings to make sure he was on that flight but even if Frank doesn't end up being a candidate he is still very important because he is back on the island and he really hasn't done much yet.

3. Why bring Frank back if he doesn't have an extremely important role?

4. This is up to debate but I believe the numbers are cursed. I know some will disagree but in my personal opinion I don't believe anyone involved with the numbers should lead.

5. He is level headed, a peacemaker, was worried about finding and possibly saving the 815ers, and all around seems wiser than any of the other characters that have been mentioned as possible candidates.

Its a long shot but Im hopeful. RyanFox268 05:51, February 22, 2010 (UTC)

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