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    I had an idea that I had to wake up for and write... Im not saying it does not have flaws but I enjoyed it.

    In the end Jacob ask each candidate if they still want to live on the island or if they want to go back to the way their lives would be if the island never existed. All of them choose to live the life of the alternate time line except two.

    Then you see Frank sitting on the island as a ship comes up. HE says we have work to do brother... to someone off screen. Then Desmond comes up and says Im not your brother brother.

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  • RyanFox268


    March 12, 2010 by RyanFox268
    I haven't seen a post about this yet but I believe we learned two important things about when the island sank this last episode. I know several believe it was the incident that caused it but I'm not so sure.
    Roger, Bens father, said that they were on the island and that they should have stayed making me believe that maybe it wasnt a terrible accident that forced them to leave.... maybe they left of their own free will and not in the instance of a disaster.
    Also Alex was off the island which leads me to believe her mother and father never made it to the island in 1988. However I suppose also they could have and her mom could have escaped and thats why she is now a single mom working two jobs but I believe its the former that is true.
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  • RyanFox268

    Frank and MIB

    March 12, 2010 by RyanFox268

    So if Frank would have been on 815 do you think the smoke monster/mib would have killed him like he did the other pilot?

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  • RyanFox268
    ? Read more >
  • RyanFox268
    I think Jacob needs to be the one that is asking for forgiveness. Up until the end of every episode I just keep thinking I hope I am wrong about the selfish man/ spirit/thing that is Jacob. Read more >

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