I've been feening for more lost and didn't want to start re-watching old episodes until after the finale. I'm also a huge video game fan and noticed I had a $20 credit on my direct2drive account. I've heard bad things about the Via Domus game but figured it was worth a shot to quench my urge for $9.95. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The plot wasn't horrible, but had huge holes throughout it. They completely skipped over big events from the show, assuming the player would already know what was going on. A few cut scenes explaining what the rest of the losties were up too would have helped out allot. The controls were awful and the game-play was laughable. On top of everything it was way too short. From start to finish the entire game took me about 3 hours to play through. Considering how short it was and the fact that it was an officially licensed game you would thing they could get the actual actors to record the 10 - 20 lines of voice over work that they each had. Unfortunately that was not the case. Most of the voice work was a disgrace, but Locke and Sawyer were especially horrible. On top of everything else, the main character is an A-hole and the redemption event is barely covered in the plot.

The only good parts were the "previously on lost" recaps at the start of a new level. The camera/flashback mechanic was also a good idea, although it definitely could use work. 1/5 stars from me, and that's being generous. Considering how much I enjoy the show and gaming in general that's saying something. Thank god I didn't waste any actual money, but I wish I had the time back.

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