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May 5, 2010
  • Rukkis

    I was disappointed with how the FST wrapped up, but not going to let it ruin my feelings on the series as a whole. The series is essentially about the events of the other 5 ½ seasons. The FST was basically nothing more than the happy ending epilogue that the characters were rewarded with for handling their issues during the events of the actual show. It leaves a bad taste because it was the final revelation and most recent event, but I think once people have some time to step back and look at the big picture they will appreciate it.

    The writers definitely deserve some heat because they made the FST appear to be more important than it ever should have been. Most negative reviews I have read tend to imply that the show was about heaven, purg…

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  • Rukkis

    Via Domus Review

    May 18, 2010 by Rukkis

    I've been feening for more lost and didn't want to start re-watching old episodes until after the finale. I'm also a huge video game fan and noticed I had a $20 credit on my direct2drive account. I've heard bad things about the Via Domus game but figured it was worth a shot to quench my urge for $9.95. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    The plot wasn't horrible, but had huge holes throughout it. They completely skipped over big events from the show, assuming the player would already know what was going on. A few cut scenes explaining what the rest of the losties were up too would have helped out allot. The controls were awful and the game-play was laughable. On top of everything it was way too short. From start to finish the entire ga…

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  • Rukkis

    Looking back at the original Dharma station/button, there are allot of similarities to the current events. In both cases people are trying to stop whatever is in that cave from escaping the island. Smokey and the electromagnetic energy are both manifestations of some part of that source. If either one of them were to escape the confines of the island the entire world would be at risk. IIRC Smokey used Ecko's dead brother to attempt to convince not to hit the button. We now know why he was trying to release that energy.

    The Dharma initiative created the first situation, so they assumed the original role of guardian. They created the Swan and kept watch over it until as long as they were able. Eventually the responsibilities were passed alon…

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