Something that has been periodically on my mind of late, and which has its basis largely in Faraday's assertions of The Variable that the freighter was sent to the Island because Flight 815 crashed. Questions: 1. How did the crash of 815 alert Widmore to the location of the Island? 2. Why exactly did Keamy's team try to torch the island? If this was, as they stated, on Widmore's orders, it would have killed Locke, who Widmore claimed he wanted alive. 3. Why did Penny keep calling the freighter? 4. Why were the freighter guys instructed never to answer said calls?

  • A theory that occurs as to an answer to Question 1 is that Widmore's people came across Ben's people going off the Island in order to find info on the 815ers, and assumed that the 815ers must therefore be on the island (the video of Widmore beating up an off-island Other that Ben shows Locke in The Other Woman was recorded after the events of The Glass Ballerina, as it was apparently recorded on the same tape as the Red Socks/Sox game). If this is so, how did they know where 815 had crashed? If they used the Lamp Post, why would the crash of 815 increase the chances of Widmore finding the island? Is it possible that Widmore orchestrated the crash?

And now for the $108m question: What does everybody else think?

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