If anyone out there doesn't know, high profile people behind Lost have bought the Dark Tower series film rights from Stephen King, himself a huge Lost fan who has referenced it in at least 2 of his books, for $19. What price several of the key roles in the saga going to Lost acting alumni? Feel free to agree or shoot them down (indeed even to shoot the whole idea down) but these are my first thoughts, some of which I'll admit I am highly dubious about myself.

Jeff Fahey as Roland Deschain

Blake Bashoff as Eddie Dean

April Grace (Ms. Klugh) as Susannah Dean

Terry O'Quinn as the Man in Black

Michael Emerson as Jack Mort (a bespectacled psychopathic serial killer)

Alan Dale as Pere Callahan

Lela Loren (Claudia from Across the Sea) as Susan Delgado

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