A man wakes up in a strange place amid a beeping sound

He pushes in a code, a button, then he looks around

This place is not so strange to him, he exercises here

And lives in it, but now he's full of fear.

A noise has come from up above: he grabs a gun and sees

Atop a shaft two men we know: Jack and Locke, if you please.

He doesn't know them, though, and when a woman arrives down,

He ties her up and turns his gun on Locke, with quite a frown.

He tells him to input a code that Hurley will know well,

And push the button "Execute". It's quite a tricky sell,

Especially to Jack, but he's convinced to in the end,

As Michael and Sawyer drift on real rafts without their friend.

A Dharma shark, bullets and Jin found later they're OK,

Except for big stick man, his folks, and Walt taken away.

After being imprisoned, they find the five new guys

Are not the Others as they'd thought, but, in quite a surprise,

The tail section survivors, numbering five in all,

Though they tell tales of 23 and Others to appal.

The big stick man is Eko, a priest and ex-drug lord,

Ana-Lucia, Jack's drinking mate before they had to board,

Is there, as is shrink Libby, and Cindy, who was Jack's

Pre-turbulence flight attendant. None have seen the backs

Of thirty-five plus years, though all have seen a score,

And there is one survivor left, who's seen quite a lot more,

Fifty-something man with a name that we have heard,

Bernard, the husband Rose has of his still living assured.

The rest kidnapped by Others, one of their group a spy,

They're freaked by every whisper, and Sawyer's going to die,

If they don't find the doctor, so, heading out to Jack,

They shortcut through the jungle. With Michael newly back

From searching round for Walt, they tell him of their sorry tale

And he comes with them too. During a hard rock climb they fail

Until it is too late, that Cindy's disappeared too,

And with whispers all around they're terrified of what to do.

Back in main camp Hurley shared out the hatch-provided food,

So he wouldn't be hated. Claire had a sorry mood

Upon finding the message bottle from the raft ashore,

And fearing thus that the raft was not intact any more.

Sun buried it, all the time scared for Jin's life. Not thinking,

She temporarily buried and lost her wedding ring,

And Shannon started seeing Walt and followed him inland, and

Still mourning Boone, Sayid promised she wouldn't be abandoned.

But then they both saw Walt and Shannon followed him again,

With yards away the still-panicking Tailies in the rain,

Ana-Lucia fired her gun, and thus Shannon was killed.

Angry Sayid and guilty Ana thought of blood they'd spilled

In prior places as the others travelled back to Jack,

Who treated Sawyer's wound while Kate saw something large and black,

A horse inside the jungle that had helped her flee the law,

As Sawyer channelled Wayne, her stepfather she'd killed before.

He woke and was dismayed to learn the hatch was island-held,

Which he had thought was back in civilisation. Eko yelled

At Claire and Charlie when he found the statues from the plane,

And showed the heroin inside, his brother's mortal bane

For saving Eko's life. Claire, appalled, pushed Charlie away,

Knowing that he'd kept the heroin in case. The following day

Michael locked up Jack and Locke and, armed, went after his son,

With Locke's gun-training in mind. Jack and Locke felt cause to run

With guns after their searching friend, not knowing he had talked

On the computer with his son. Sawyer came too, but Jack balked

At the idea of Kate, who had just kissed him, coming too

So she followed behind, and none of the three knew

Until the bearded Other man threatened to shoot her dead

Unless the three gave up their guns and headed back instead.

Jack asked Ana-Lucia how best to raise an army

And vision-having Charlie began acting so barmy,

Convinced by visions that Claire's son needed baptising quick,

He kidnapped him and Locke punched him. Though rueful, Charlie, sick

Of Locke, helped Sawyer get the guns and meds and so

Humiliate Locke and Jack. The next day appears Rousseau,

Who has caught a man approaching who she says is one of them,

Though he says he is not. Grieving Sayid decides to condemn

The man after he tortures him and doesn't feel guilt.

Claire remembers doctor Others, and Rousseau's blood she spilt,

Them trying to kill her and the girl who helped her flee

Whose name was Alex, maybe Rousseau's kid she longs to see.

Sun finds out she's pregnant, though Jin was infertile,

And wonders whose it is, not telling Jin. And all the while

While Locke's alone with Henry, the hatch blast doors slam shut,

As a parachute's delivered full of food. Locke's leg is cut

When the door slams down on it. He asks the captive man,

Henry, to push the button. When the beeping stops he can

See a map lit in blue centred around a question mark,

But when Henry returns just after the room goes dark,

Sayid, who found the man's balloon, finds he's an Other man,

As the man he claimed to be was murdered, buried. Hurley can

Scarcely believe the food's arrived when he just chucked his own,

And thinks he's still insane till Libby shows he's not alone

By telling him her story, and giving him a kiss.

Bernard builds an S.O.S. sign, though others, hit and miss,

On the idea lose the will, and Rose tells him she lied

About her cancer being cured, but it can't be denied

That she is healthy since the crash. She's island-healed

And Jack and Kate find Michael half-unconscious in a field.

As Henry tries to kill Ana, Michael tells of the news

That the Others are few and weak, while Ana-Lucia screws

(As he puts it) Sawyer so she can steal his gun away,

To threaten Henry with. With Michael's rescue plan in play,

Jack, Kate and Locke find Sawyer and order back the guns,

Then he discovers Ana's theft and everybody runs

Towards the hatch, where Ana tells Michael she couldn't kill

The Other man, so he tells her "Give me the gun. I will

'Cause that's what they would do." She does. He looks at it,

Says "I'm sorry" then fires and Ana-Lucia's dust is bit.

Libby arrives and sees this so, startled, he shoots her too

Then himself and frees Henry. Nobody knows what to do,

Thinking that Henry shot them up and fled. Then Libby dies

And tear-stricken Hurley's there to see Jack close her eyes.

Eko and Locke are guided to the question mark by dreams,

And Locke, downcast since mounting evidence seems

To be supporting Henry's claims the button is a joke

Finds himself even more faithless as the man of the Dharma folk

Says that the Swan hatch job is a meaningless mind game

And as four people Michael chose prepare to leave, he starts to frame

An idea in his mind: to stop the button being pushed

To see what happens. Sayid's doubts are unhushed

Since Michael has demanded that Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate

And no-one else go with him to determine Walt's fate.

As they prepare to leave, a sailboat arrives,

Desmond has returned, and tells them that their lives

Are doomed to be spent inside a bloody snowglobe. Yet

Sayid, Jin and Sun take his boat so that they might get

A chance to help the other five attempt to get Walt back,

While Locke and Desmond mount their own plan of attack,

They lock Eko, who's button-pushing, out of the hatch main

So he and Charlie go to get the dynamite and gain

Access that way. It doesn't work and the computer counts down through to zero

And Michael proves that he is by no means the type of hero,

That Desmond proves himself. Discovering that the plane

Crashed when he last failed to push the button, he again

Decides to push it, but Locke breaks the computer and so,

Desmond decides he'll have to blow the hatch. "I've gotta go,"

He says to Locke, "You saved my life so I could save yours",

While Michael leads his comrades right to the Others' doors.

The Others let Michael and Walt go home, and Hurley free

To tell the rest of his camp not to come there. Then they see

A purple light as the hatch blows, and start to shield their ears,

Charlie, returning, and Claire kiss, thus quelling their fears.

Far distant in the Arctic, men register the blast

And tell Penny, Desmond's girlfriend, "We've found it". She's held fast.

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