In life we are all lost, one way or another,

Even if we see you in another life, brother.

Bad things happen, planes crash, people die"

And seventy-odd people fall down out of the sky.

Everyone has issues, from cowboys through to cons,

From doctors through to dentists and youthful Oxford dons.

The first man to awaken hears screaming far away

And rushes out to fix it, like every other day.

But some things can't be fixed, though other things can start

As first he meets a woman, but then they fall apart

Because she's on the run. All round there's other troubles too

A half-forgotten rock star left heroin in the loo,

The conman blames the soldier, a sandy fight ensues

A blonde can't feel her baby and another's got the blues

As her brother says she's useless. There are noises in the night

As a woman says her husband must have survived the flight

Survivors all around search for the light amongst the dark,

And a kid listens in vain to hear his lost dog bark.

The first two and the rock star set out to find the front

Of the plane that has the black box, but they find that the hunt

Is not for it, but for them as they find they won't be found

Since the plane lost radio contact then it had to turn around.

The monster eats the pilot, and very nearly Jack,

With nothing but their lives (and heroin) the three trudge back.

Six then go out to find a place to make their signal stronger,

But instead find out some French chick's been there sixteen years longer.

They don't know where they are. Despite this, good things happen too

The hunter finds the kid his dog, and thus the kid is pleased anew.

The conman Sawyer shoots the dying man, but doesn't do it right

So Jack is forced to end it. More noises in the night,

The newly living forced to deal with boars. Locke hunts them out,

And from there they forge a living, but still don't think about

The dangers. Then a woman drowns and all of them are thrown,

So Jack says live together or we will die alone.

Angry jealous Jin gives watch-wearing Michael a bash

And Locke convinces Charlie to go without his stash.

Sawyer makes Kate kiss him, and Sayid stabs his arm,

So then Sayid leaves them alone, ashamed of doing harm.

He runs into the French chick, who warns of Others near

And then when Claire's attacked they find there's one among them here.

They chase him through the jungle, but Charlie nearly dies

And Claire's abducted. Searching, Locke and Boone get a surprise

When they find a hatch embedded deep within the ground

And Locke helps Boone to get his emotional fears downed

Michael and his son Walt bond over stabbing polar bears,

And Claire returns to very many Other-fearing stares.

The Other kills a man, but then Charlie shoots him dead,

Even though the castaways had hoped to capture him instead.

A victim-channelling boar haunts Sawyer as he slumbers,

Jin finds Sun speaks English, and Hurley fears numbers.

Boone falls in a plane, and Locke escorts him back,

But wants to hide the hatch, so doesn't quite tell Jack

The truth about the injury. This causes Boone to die,

Jack to vow to hunt John Locke down, and Shannon to cry.

Michael builds a raft to get away, and Sawyer goes,

Walt goes with his father too, and Jin to leave his woes

With marriage behind, though the Kwons make up before he leaves,

And Rousseau comes and warns them of coming baby-thieves

Four sail away, the rest decide to blow open the hatch

With dynamite from an old ship. Locke lights a match,

Believing it his destiny, but Hurley sees his curse

And tries to stop the opening, thinking things will get worse.

The opening is blown, and four look into the hole.

Meanwhile, on the raft under a night as black as coal

The four fire the flare, and a rescue boat arrives.

The four rejoice, believing that it has saved their lives.

But suddenly the man says "We'll have to take the boy".

They do, and Michael's left screaming with something less than joy.

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