On a blog recently I heard it speculated as to what the outside world might think of 316's disappearance. With that in mind...

Breaking News: Ajira Airlines Flight 316, which disappeared eight days ago over the South Pacific en route from Hawaii to Guam, is reported to have had among its 202 passengers at least four of the five adult members of the infamous Oceanic Six: Jack Shephard, Hugo Reyes, Sayid Jarrah and Sun-Hwa Kwon. Furthermore, the fifth, Kate Austen, has mysteriously disappeared. Numerous details continue to come in and perplex about this case, not least the oddity not only of all of these five flying over the South Pacific after their original ordeal three and a half years ago, but also of this potential further tragedy happening to them again. Our reporters have, however, if possible uncovered some even stranger facts relating to the “Ajira 5”:

 Sun-Hwa Kwon left her two-year old daughter, Ji Yeon, her husband’s child with whom she was pregnant upon his death in the crash of Oceanic 815, in Seoul with her maternal grandmother, apparently promising a return the day of the crash. Why, then, was she flying to Guam, not Seoul?

 Prior to her disappearance, which happened at the exact same time as that of 316, Kate Austen left her son, Aaron, 3, with whom she was also pregnant during the crash of 815, with a woman with whom she appears to have had no known prior friendship. Perhaps the even stranger fact about this woman, Australian Carole Littleton, 49, is that she is the mother of another victim of Flight 815, Claire Littleton, and her most high-profile reason for being in Los Angeles was merely to sue Oceanic Air for the results of this bereavement. We asked Ms. Littleton why Ms. Austen should leave her son with her, but she declined to comment beyond that Ms. Austen was a friend of hers. However, the only friend of Ms. Austen’s outside her fellow 815 survivors appears to have been Tennessean Cassidy Phillips, whose daughter is also that of 815 victim James Ford, 36. There is no evidence that the two were friends before the crash.

 Ms. Austen was famously convicted last year of grand larceny, arson and third-degree manslaughter committed before the 815 crash, and for which she was on it as a captured former fugitive. Having been sentenced as a result of this conviction to ten years’ prohibition from leaving California, a warrant has now been issued for her arrest, but she is yet to be apprehended. Ms. Austen has a known history of disguise and the adoption of false identities in evading the authorities. Is it possible she boarded 316 too, and if so, why?

 Hugo Reyes used part of his reserve of millions, won in the California state lottery four years ago pre-815 crash, to book 79 seats for himself aboard Ajira Flight 316. We know Mr. Reyes is overweight, but not that much. Upon reserving these seats he is known to have told an incredulous attendant, after glancing at a family of four hoping to board the flight, “It doesn’t matter why. They can take the next plane.” Did he know something was going to happen to this one?

 Sayid Jarrah, widely believed now to be the culprit behind the three murders surrounding Mr. Reyes’ escape from Santa Rosa Mental Institution, where the latter had lived at his own request for two years, last week, was seen boarding the plane in handcuffs controlled by an unknown woman for unknown reasons. Certainly there was no police record of a warrant for his arrest until several days after 316 disappeared.

 Dr. Jack Shephard was seen treating an unconscious man fitting Mr. Jarrah’s description for a mysterious ailment at the hospital at which he was employed until being suspended for narcotics abuse. Shephard is known to have told his grandfather, whom he visited the day before 316 took off, and told him that “he (Shephard) might be going away for a while.”

 Amongst Dr. Shephard’s cargo was the coffin of a man he described to an attendant as a personal friend, Jeremy Bentham. However, Mr. Bentham, who is thought to have mysteriously hanged himself a week before 316 vanished, was not seen in Dr. Shephard’s life before this year.

 The pilot of 316, Frank J. Lapidus, we can confirm, was the intended original pilot of Oceanic 815, until he overslept that morning and was replaced by Seth Norris, who died in the crash. Is this Death finally catching up with him?

 Ms. Kwon was seen twice in the week before her disappearance in the company of billionaire British industrialist Charles Widmore, 70, who seems to have vanished himself in the middle of a large recruitment drive, at the same time as his son-in-law, Desmond Hume, mysteriously disappeared from a Los Angeles hospital only hours after receiving a non-fatal but serious gunshot wound to the abdomen, for a fittingly mysterious reason.

 The man caught on CCTV shooting Mr. Hume is an unidentified Caucasian male aged mid-forties who bears an uncanny resemblance to the man filmed apparently directing an open air meeting between the Oceanic Five at the same marina where Mr. Hume was shot, only hours before the shooting.

 Shortly before Mr. Reyes’ escape from Santa Rosa, he was visited by a 15-year-old teenager, Wallace Leeds of New York City, who was escorted by and has been living with his great-aunt Shirley Dawson, who is herself the mother and grandmother respectively of Oceanic 815 dead Michael Dawson, 42, and Walt Lloyd, 10. We caught up with Mr. Leeds to ask him what this conversation between himself and Mr. Reyes concerned, but he did not wish to speak to us.

With so much mystery surrounding these latest disappearances that seem to blow giant holes in the saying “lightning never strikes twice” that evangelicals are even starting to claim that the plane’s flight number is a sign that they were spirited away by God, the secular community can only look baffled upon this apparent tragedy and all of its bizarre connotations. We’ll have more news as it breaks, folks.

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