proposed change to one section of the spoiler policy

Rtozier March 8, 2010 User blog:Rtozier

I was on a blog a few minutes ago which speculated as to the possible relevance of the immediately upcoming episode title "Dr. Linus", a blog whose ideas I thought were at least interesting. However, it was commented upon by Cmgv123 that the blog violated the spoiler policy because, and I quote, "analysis of the title is not allowed". Given that Lostpedia itself has already released the title Dr. Linus, I consider such a judgement to be irredeemably ridiculous. Therefore, I propose that we as users of the site do everything in our power to repeal this section of the policy. I have already left a message with Cmgv123 about this, but I would like everyone else to have the chance to air their own opinions on the matter.

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