A few hours ago, I posted a blog on here which made conclusions about issues relating to Season 6 based in part on the titles of Season 6 episodes 6-12, which are available at Shortly afterwards, I was met with several suggestions that the blog should be deleted for "definite" spoilers (a point with which, due to the ready availability of these titles, I strongly disagree), and informed that it is apparently the policy of this website to label a spoiler anything that is yet to be broadcast on the show itself except the title of the next episode due to air in the USA, as well as the "Next on Lost" segments purportedly at the ends of episodes. Having realised that, since internet discussion must necessarily be via printed type, it would be to all intents and purposes impossible to maintain a discussion in which learning the titles of these episodes-to-come would be avoidable, for, although I took certain steps in my initial blog to shield the episode titles by announcing the upcoming so-called spoilers and leaving several spaces before printing it, any ensuing discussion would in all probability necessitate the regurgitation of those episode titles by future posters, I took the decision to remove the blog and post this one in its place, only to discover that the blog had already been deleted. To the person who replied about the Richard issue to my original blog (sorry, I've forgotten your username): I would like to reiterate my offer of a bet on your previously raised Richard question. I ask the two people who responded favourably to continue the discussion I raised among their receptive friends in a more receptive medium, should they wish to do so. I maintain that the administrators of this website's definition of spoilers is only valid when referring to internet and not necessarily verbal discussion, and in doing so hope that the administrators and I can reach an understanding as such, so that I will take into more careful consideration in future the above-stated relevance of the medium in which we are all here communicating. That's all, folks.

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