In Season 4, Martin Keamy states that Widmore's orders are to torch the island once they've removed Linus. However, the freighter mercenaries are killed before they can do this. Charles Widmore, however, has shown a lot of interest in returning himself to the island, has succeeded as of the end of Dr. Linus, and was stated by Ben in "The Other Woman" as "wanting to exploit" the island, and for him to be able to do that he would have to STOP it being destroyed. How to reconcile Keamy's instructions with Widmore's personal island-search? Theory: flashback to The Other Woman again, in which Charlotte and Daniel travel to the Tempest station to render inert a potentially lethal gas that could wipe out the island inhabitants. Charlotte and Daniel came on Widmore's freighter: is it possible that Widmore had instructed them to negate this gas* in order to make sure that Keamy's plans to destroy the island would be unsuccessful? Furthermore, if this is true, does it not suggest that, despite his rivalry with Ben, he is at heart a Jacobite rather than a MIBian? Discuss.

  • My thanks to the person on Lostpedia (sorry, I've forgotten your name) who inspired this post by suggesting that Daniel & Charlotte went on their mission to the Tempest as part of Widmore's instructions.

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