candidates to survive the series?

Rtozier March 2, 2010 User blog:Rtozier

who might ultimately survive? i formulated this theory before LA X (and posted a heavily abbreviated version on someone else's blog several weeks ago, but this includes "reasons" for my suppositions), so it has had to evolve a bit with the flash-sideways timeline, but here goes: Kate, Hurley, the 3 Kwons, the 3 Humes, Walt, Claire&Aaron, Cindy, Zack&Emma, Miles & Frank. Reasons/circumstances in which the others may die: Ben: in some final act of moral ambiguity Widmore: will return to the island then die morally ambiguously but still seeming like a bit of a jerk Eloise: will be assassinated in the Lamp Post by somebody. Jack: will die in penultimate ep suddenly and anticlimactically just before having a chance of saving everyone, thus bringing full circle the original plan to kill him off in the pilot Sawyer: will die heroically at the end. Evolution: perhaps somehow his consciousness will go to the alternate timeline where he will have a life with Juliet, kind of like Life on Mars (UK) where the guy's last moments last years for him in an alternate universe. (evolution is primarily because I don't want Suliet to have finished the way it seemed to). Desmond, Penny & Charlie Hume: Involved but will survive (though the writers may think this is too easy and pull a Caleb to Xander Harris on Desmond a couple eps prior to the end. Don't think they'll actually kill him). Walt: Same except no injury Jin & Sun should get back to their kid. Reality is not ideal of course, but maybe Jacob or the island will be a deus ex machina for this. Kate - I just can't warm to the idea of her being killed off - she hasn't achieved redemption yet Hurley - come on, dude, do I have to explain? Claire & Aaron - deus ex machina effect (again, and I'm an atheist!) plus Aaron's importance might save them Zack & Emma - don't see kids getting killed off on the show Cindy - she's okay, plus steeped in Otherness - hope she survives but more dubious than the rest, perhaps Miles & Frank - very dubious but I like them both too much to envisage their deaths. WDEET*? (*what does everyone else think?)

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