Just looking at the headlines over the last week or so while trying to find their review of The Last Recruit, I was confronted with a headline that I just managed to stop reading before I got all of it and the opening bit of article that was shown below or I suspect I would have been confronted with a massive and unguarded spoiler. In fact a series of spoilers. Just six words in that headline provided information that no sane person would ever put in a headline about spoilers. Fortunately, I avoided having anything really majorly spoilt. But I urge everyone to avoid the place and every other website from now on. I'm not even going to read Doc Jensen's EW blog anymore until the series is over for fear of other contributors spoiling stuff. I'll only definitely come back to this site, even, to post occasional blogs and check up non-blog stuff. Seriously, those bar stewards at I'm as disgusted as I was when the British Daily Mirror newspaper matter-of-factly and unguardedly revealed the deaths of Charlie and Eko before they were aired, or when a guy sitting behind me in an A-level class in 2006 thought it would be a good idea to discuss the ending to Abandoned four months before its UK airing. Seriously, these people should be freaking sectioned. What is wrong with them? Talk to you in a proper, back-and-forth conversation after the finale, folks. I'm off to compare Under The Dome to the Simpsons Movie. Might come back to blogs before end, but if I do I'll be unveiling one word at a time with my hand so I don't get spoilt. We'll see...

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