I know that I have already posted the theme of this blog, if not the exact same content, in a blog I made several weeks ago, but in the words of Lord Flashheart, petulantly intoned, "I'm gonna do it anyway!" So, prepare to be Glasgow kissed, Darlings, by the following question:

What Is Left To Answer?

  • This concerns questions that MUST be answered, and for which the failure to answer cannot be explained by the perfectly acceptable (if damned frustrating) sentiment that "in real life, there are many things we don't get to know. "Bad things happen. Planes crash. People die" and we don't get to know why they were on the plane, their names, their surnames or why they were lying in a Russian burns unit.

1. MIB v Jacob - Who the hell are they, how the hell are they who and what they are, and what do they freaking want?

2. Ben/Widmore “rules”

- What are the Rules? (The Shape of Things to Come)

3. WaltNotWalt

- What appears to Shannon in MOSMOF and Abandoned, and Locke in Through the Looking Glass?

4. Numbers

- Why were they transmitted across the Pacific? What came first: the Numbers or the Candidates?

5. Miles’ form of Haley Joel Osment Syndrome

- I don't think I need to explain what I mean by this one.

6. UnChristian Shephard

- Nor this one

7. The Cabin Adventures - The man who said "Help me" in The Man Behind the Curtain. The Cabin and its mysterious two inhabitants appearing to Hurley in The Beginning of the End. "No, but I can speak on his behalf" in Cabin Fever. WTF?

8. Raised By Another - Does the proclamation of Richard Malkin have anything to do with S6 Claire and her apparently homicidal intentions towards the another her baby was raised by?

9. FST - Every associable unanswered question.

It has for so long on Lost been "a barren, featureless desert out there" in terms of answers. Recently, we have begun to turn the map over. What will we see on the upside? "A little worm"? Or "something beautiful"?

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