To paraphrase a friend of mine: "Lost has become a little silly lately". To quote Ross Geller: "What's more important, love or silliness?" I still love Lost. I am, like Chandler Bing, "fond of the silliness". However, there comes a point when love has to take its place. Watching Recon, I found it to be unusually depressing for a Lost episode, with very little real sense of hope.

Therefore, I am proposing 13 things I think Lost should do to end this mood, and recapture itself, subjective though those terms are.

1. Make Sawyer happy

2. Give Jack catharsis

3. Reveal the nature of Smokey (I'm sick of calling him the Man In Black. It's too long man, I don't dig it. Daylight come and he want to go home.)

4. End the flash sideways already. EVERYTHING THAT RISES MUST CONVERGE, people - hurry up and make the FSTers either go away or become the OTers, and NOT vice-versa!

5. Heal Claire of her insanity (bring her back to the Claire of early S4)

6. Move past the Jacob v MIB storyline - something like Sean Sheep's sentient island theory would be more interesting

7. More Hurley

8. More Lapidus

9. Hurley, Jin, Sun, Claire, Kate and the kids must survive

10. Explain Rose/Bernard/Vincent

11. Feature Juliet, Desmond and Walt

12. Find a new crescendo angle for the last six episodes or so

13. When Hurley's centric ep comes around as I assume it will, have it start with or at least feature a scene which opens with a strange man on a deck, laughing and joking with someone. Reveal that the woman is his wife before panning around to show that it's Libby. Then have Hurley walk out, possibly in slow motion, and the deck collapse.

Perhaps I'm just deflated because the happy 8 guys weren't in this episode, but it was given over to the MIBians, alias the feckups.

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