Narrator's Note:

Hello again, folks! It's been a long time since I published the latest truth behind

What Really Happened in Lost, in the period knowable as Creation to 2007. However,

while I intend at some point to publish the rest of that series, I am here today to

provide you with brand new information about an entirely new aspect of the Lost saga:

the truth of the period 2007-12: knowable as What Is Happening Now or What Has Happened

Since The End. Please don't worry about the publications of the rest of the What Really

Happened series; it may have been two years, but I'm getting to it, and I certainly

don't intend on taking any long walks along Maine's Route 5 in the process. I'm not

Stephen King, but the reference (regardless of whether my talents can be said to be

remotely comparable to his) is an apt one.

Here, then, is the truth of What Has Happened Since, extracted from a secret

publication revealed exclusively, for the first time, below:

- Alt. R. "Trashmouth" Tozier, Esq.

[End of Narrator's Note]

Dear Reader,

Below are catalogued five newspaper articles from around the globe in the period 2007-12

, plus one extract from someone's personal diary. This paper, when it is finished, will

be returned to the personal safe of that same person at his own request, and the safe

not reopened save through his discretion. If you are reading this, therefore, he must

have decided to release the information.

The following document consists of four pages. Below is presented page one. To

continue reading thereafter, please turn over, or, if you are reading this digitally,

please await the appearance of page two and thereon before your eyes. It should not

take long to appear.

- C. A. A., Esq.

23 December 2007 Los Angeles Clarionette [ed: pages 1-2]


We Lied to Cover Up Corporate Conspiracy/Ajira Dead, Say Remainder

-- story by Jevon Stuart Mill --

We at the Los Angeles Clarionette can bring you exclusive coverage of a remarkable,

sensational story which broke yesterday afternoon at a hastily arranged press

conference at the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters. The centerpiece of the

mindblowing revelations is the eccentric lottery multimillionaire, recluse, Oceanic Six

member, twice former mental patient and self-proclaimed "bad luck magnet" Hugo Reyes, 31

. The Clarionette can exclusively reveal that Mr Reyes, only lately released from Santa

Rosa Mental Institute after a brief escape and being suspected and cleared of several

murders, some three weeks or so ago, suddenly appeared on the shores of Los Angeles in

a small motorboat yesterday afternoon at 2.10pm, accompanied by devastating and

troubling news, and by two unbelievable fellow sailors.

Perhaps it is only proper that the most devastating of the subsequent reveals be told

to you most upfront: according to the testimony of Mr. Reyes at the LAPD HQ, which the

police told us they have no reason to doubt, every person aboard Ajira Airlines Flight

316 - which disappeared en route to Guam from Los Angeles on December 4 - is dead, with

only one exception. We offer condolences to their families, and shall shortly explain

Mr. Reyes' testimony of their fate. Perhaps more devastating still to the American and

global ideal of the surviving disaster hero is the news that the last two weeks have

claimed the lives also of Oceanic Six members Dr. Jack Shephard, 39, Sayid Jarrah, 39,

and Sun-Hwa Kwon, 33. Dr. Shephard leaves behind his mother, while Ms. Kwon leaves

behind her parents and her daughter Ji Yeon, who is still to turn three and who lost

her father in the original Oceanic 815 crash before she was born.

Mr. Reyes was yesterday introduced to us alongside his two passengers by LAPD Captain

Matthew Lazarus, perhaps aptly named, for we can exclusively reveal that Mr. Reyes'

passengers are the one exception to the Ajira dead list - presumed-dead pilot Captain

Francis K. Lapidus, 57 - and Australian fast-food worker Claire Littleton, 25

, "confirmed" dead three years ago by the Oceanic Six themselves. Ms. Littleton, whose

various ordeals have called her sanity into serious professional psychiatric questin,

has her own remarkable story to be told, if she cannot yet personally tell.

We, then, have seized the opportunity to tell it for her - or, at least, we have

afforded Mr. Reyes that opportunity. In order to maximise the clarity, accuracy and

sensational drama of the events that unfolded and Mr. Reyes' story of them, we have

printed his entire statement below, verbatim.

"We lied. The Oceanic Six, we lied. We didn't crash in the Indonesian waters; we

crashed on a South Pacific Island. And there weren't six of us that survived - there

were eight of us. [pauses while audience gasp and murmur] The other two were Claire

Littleton [gestures to woman on left, who is humming softly and staring raptly at the

electric overhead lights] and a man named John Locke.

"We weren't alone, either. Within an hour of the crash, we were captured and

imprisoned by a group of workers for a company called Mittelos Bioscience [experimental

sciences, Oregon, est. 1937]. They said they were doing electromagnetic and medical

experiments, but that we were being imprisoned for our own safety, because they were

being threatened by a hostile [Reyes laughs, bitterly]takeover, by Widmore Industries

[Edinburgh-based scientific products, est. 1983]. [pause] Boy, was it hostile. They

tried to kill us! There were fifty of them and fifty of Mittelos, give or take, and we

were imprisoned underground for a hundred days before Widmore's people blew open the

prison. Claire [gestures to the blonde again] here got a head injury and wandered off

before the smoke cleared and we could look for her. Within hours, all of Widmore's

people were dead save him; he'd escaped. We looked for Claire, but couldn't find her;

we thought she'd drowned. So when Mittelos chartered a boat of theirs for us to escape

the island, we had to leave her.

[Now comes the shocking revelation about Ms. Littleton.]

"She'd wandered off, without [pause, sigh] her child, Aaron, born on the island.

[Reyes points to the front row, and a very familiar woman sitting with a very familiar

toddler in her lap.] Ms. Austen - Kate - decided to take care of Aaron, but we decided

we couldn't tell the truth about Claire - about ourselves - in case Widmore came after

us, to silence us so he could take the island - and all its medical and scientific

potential - for himself. We wanted to protect ourselves - and Claire, if she was still

alive. John Locke stayed behind on the island, and went to work for Mittelos. We tried

to get on with our lives, with the lie.

"That's what we did, for three years. But then John Locke showed up with Ben Linus,

the Mittelos CEO, telling us that Claire had been found, but unwell, and she wanted us

to come and collect her before she'd leave the island. We were sceptical, but we were

convinced to leave - save Ms. Austen, who couldn't leave because of her curfew [Ms.

Austen was sentenced to 10 years' confinement to California following her murder trial

in 2005] when John Locke was murdered in his hotel room, by - as it turned out - a

Widmore employee. Charles Widmore [most famous for the fatal explosion of one of his

freighters in the Pacific in 2004, an explosion which killed all on board] was losing

his money, partly due to the Kahana incident and its repercussions, and it made him

even more determined to find the island, but he killed Locke when Locke wouldn't tell

him how to get past the island's barrier reef. Linus accompanied us on board Flight 316

, but in mid-flight Widmore managed to divert it from Guam to the island, where he

placed us - me, Jack, Sayid, Sun and Frank here [gestures to the man next to him] -

under citizen's arrest, and marched us away from the plane. Then [pause, Reyes looks

upset] he blew the plane up - he killed everyone on board! [Reyes' face works.] I'm

sorry. Sorry for their loss. [long pause while Reyes composes himself.]

"We owe our lives - twice - to one woman, who saved our lives the first time we were

there and gave her own to save them the second time: Dr. Juliet Burke, who worked for

Mittelos. Without her, we'd all be dead, but she died in the battle with Widmore's

people, as did Widmore. Mittelos then gave us Claire and directed us back to America by

boat. [Reyes concludes his statement hurriedly from here on out] Claire's been injured

and ill, and been on her own a long time. When we leave here, I'm going to take her to

Santa Rosa [Mental Institute]. They cared for me and helped me get better; I hope

they'll be able to do the same for her. I know they'll do their very best. Thank you.

After a few press questions were fielded by Messrs Reyes and Lapidus, and Ms. Austen

[all of whom forbade the press from asking anything of Ms. Littleton], none of which

yielded sensational answers, Mr. Reyes' party left, leaving us, the general public,

only with a sense of bewilderment and disbelief that such a mountain of tragedies

should have ever been erected. This reporter has received statements, from both the

LAPD (in the form of Captain Lazarus) and from the Attorney General, to the effect that

prosecution of anyone for their part in these events is at best unlikely, due to lack

of evidence, although Mr. Linus has opened up the island in question for their


Ms. Littleton is expected to be confirmed as an indefinite Santa Rosa resident in time

for tomorrow's Clarionette edition, while Messrs Linus and Lapidus will resume their

jobs as Mr. Reyes' executive assistant and a commercial airline pilot, respectively.

Mr. Reyes himself shrugged when he was asked about his future plans, saying only (and

vaguely): "I think I might open a health spa." And the rest of us? We too must attempt

to move on with our lives, wondering whether we will ever know the full truth of these

disastrous events, and sympathising for the families of their many, many victims. We

here at the Clarionette will, as always, bring you further news as it breaks. If it

ever does.

[end of page 1, and of article 1]

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