(Or: Answering Everything in Lost)

Chapter One: The Volcano of Life

In the beginning was the Island. And the Island was with the Earth, just one piece of stardust settled atop another, larger piece. Sometime after the formation of our planet 4.6bn years ago, the Island was formed by tectonic plates rubbing against each other and pushing land up to create a volcano. This volcano is the Island.

So long ago was this that this particular volcano became the bedrock of the Earth, channeling water and starlight in such a way as to generate life upon the Island, which began as bacteria. This reaction is what life depends on for its continued existence aboard the Earth, and should the reaction be stopped, all of those nearby dependent reactions it spawned over the aeons would stop too, and all life upon this rock would cease to be. And so it came to pass that, after several billion years of evolution, the terrain of the Earth settled, and the volcano eventually became dormant. Remnant, however, was the electromagnetically-powered wormhole the volcano's creation had let throughout the Earth, beginning in the South Pacific and ending in Northern Africa.

Evolution continued apace, and eventually the first homo sapiens sapiens, who saw fit to call themselves people, came upon the island. They saw the reaction that was the centre of life on the Earth, and they fell to their knees in purely scientific Einsteinian wonder, and vowed, for they were captivated by its beauty, that they would protect it. Over many years they learned to manipulate the elements, in a way that would later, among other cultures of their species, come to be called witchcraft. They manipulated these elements in such a way as to hide the reaction from the islanders, and to hide the Island from those who would come seeking to do harm to it, and thus to all life. The form of their manipulation was to create a force field around the island, so that such people could only arrive through accident, rather than malicious endeavour.

Good and evil separated the soul of each island dweller, as they fell to building their lives on the island, so they fell to disagreements, and wars, and, although many pursued the less violent option of leaving the island through the wormhole, (from whence came a civilisation built with the glyphs, totems and deities of the Island folk, such as hieroglyphics, Taweret and Anubis) the island people all but died out.

Eventually, during the last days of these people, one of them, a hotheaded young woman by the name of Lilith, rose to prominence. Such was her reputation for misanthropic fieriness that her story spread among those who left the island, and she became known in certain texts as the woman who had created humanity via her inhumanity, had driven the first man away from her own arms and into those of the first woman with whom the text-writers identified themselves, naming the mythical man of the couple "Adam" or "without mother". Back on the island, Lilith saw her people as corrupt, and killed them all. Despising the war they had fallen into, she manipulated more of the elements in order to create an environment similar to that later theorised and named as the Red Dwarf Justice Zone: protectors of the reaction's source would be unable to take each others' lives, lest they themselves die.

Alone at last on the island, Lilith became the focal point for all of its life-giving energy, and thus it brought to her two things: unnatural long life, as Tolkien told of Gollum, and, ultimately, through solitude and light-worship made worse by a profound lack of anything (anyone) else to live for, insanity. Then one day a Roman woman, Claudia y Inez Bachmanus (whose name would later be seized upon by a power that bes by the name of Gan, delatinised and fed to Gan's servant Stephen King as the name of his pseudonym's wife), washed ashore shipwrecked and heavily pregnant, and Lilith made up her mind to go recruiting, that she might one day be free of her self-imposed life of insanity coupled with devotion to the life-giving but ultimately inanimate. This decision would forever change the destiny of the Island, and that of those who would come to it.

The rest is history, but "you just don't know it yet."

Let me know if I've missed any glaring Lost mysteries from the above time period.

Coming Soon - Chapter 2: The Jacobite Rebellion

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