• Roz7530

    As you may have seen with some of my other posts, I contend that this new "flashsideways" angle is not an alternate reality. To this point I look at the statue, along with other evidence. We know that the statue was destroyed some time after 1974 right? Why couldn't it have been destroyed by jughead. This would mean that "everyone thing that has happened will happen." Now I know there is evidence to suggest otherwise; however, the new flashes don't rule out the possibility that they will somehow get to the island and start the process over. Thoughts.

    --Roz7530 20:46, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Roz7530

    Does anyone think that maybe these are not flashsideways but rather flashbacks where the circumstances leading up to the present are different; however, the results are the same?

    Remember all the talk about not being able to change the future no matter what you do? I think these so called flashsideways have more to do with the overall story than just serving as an alternate reality. I personally would see the new flashes as a waste of time if they don't serve the original storyline.

    Again, just because many of the circumstances changed, it doesn't mean that the result will not be the same. Just something to think about. The problem with that theory is the island under water when the flashes begin on the plane. But hey this is Lost anyth…

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