You need to read my blog about the swan/orchid electromagnetism before reading this one. This may not be as meticulous than the first one, but this is only a deduction based on the first blog. When Ilana went to the cabin looking after jacob, she was peaceful until she discovered that the ashes were opened. Why ? She thought that the cabin was a secure place, because of the ashes. Why ? Because the cabin was really a secure place for her and for jacob. The cabin always was supposed to stand in the middle of the ashes. If she had known that the cabin was moving, she would have known that the ashes were of no importance. How comes that jacob and ilana didn't know that the cabin was moving ? Because it was recent. So what recent event could change the electromagnetic properties of cabin area to make it move ? The most recent and important electromagnetic event : the discharge. I think this began to happen after the discharge : the cabin was standing on an area with special electromagnetic properties, and after the discharge, it began to move randomly for the same reason that moving the wheel will create a broken time travel. Why the cabin suffers the discharge immediatly but not the orchid ? Because the orchid needs that the wheel add some water to the system to activate, whereas the cabin is always turned on. After the discharge, mib realized that the cabin was outside the ashes, and invested it. The cabin was sometimes outside, but sometimes it was going back into the ashes, trapping the mib for the time the cabin would stay inside. Maybe that's why he seduced claire so that she could open the ashes to let him use the cabin and leave it anytime. Why was mib interested in the cabin ? Maybe there was a utility/device/purpose in the cabin related to the ghost we saw, or to the concoctions of magical potions, i don't know, or maybe he just was intrigued by the special properties of the area (he loves to study the special properties of the island, and he knows a lot about these properties, perhaps the deads he sees can teach him their knowledge of the island properties (i remember when he was building the wheel, he replied to 'how do you know' by 'because I'm special', no I don't think he meant he had the omniscience)). Well i hope i didn't forget anything to tell.

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