• Rossoh

    rules + ashes

    June 23, 2010 by Rossoh

    In the following i'll use the word physical for solid/material and virtual for ghost/spiritual. I try here to create the minimal postulates that could explain all the strange rules and strange ashes behaviour. Here they are. The existence of two seals : a protection seal and another one i call the full seal. The ability to cast a seal is a gift from the ancient people of the island. The full seal rules: -when a full sealed person kills another sealed (any seal type) person, the killer will die right away. -an unkilled full sealed person do not age. -the last full sealed person to be dead has the power to change his form into the form of any dead people (or perhaps only sealed ones), and take physical appearance in that form. The protection…

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  • Rossoh

    the cabin

    June 19, 2010 by Rossoh

    You need to read my blog about the swan/orchid electromagnetism before reading this one. This may not be as meticulous than the first one, but this is only a deduction based on the first blog. When Ilana went to the cabin looking after jacob, she was peaceful until she discovered that the ashes were opened. Why ? She thought that the cabin was a secure place, because of the ashes. Why ? Because the cabin was really a secure place for her and for jacob. The cabin always was supposed to stand in the middle of the ashes. If she had known that the cabin was moving, she would have known that the ashes were of no importance. How comes that jacob and ilana didn't know that the cabin was moving ? Because it was recent. So what recent event could c…

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  • Rossoh

    swan behaviour

    June 16, 2010 by Rossoh

    This is a part of how I understand a thing about the swan. I hope this can help you to better understand or discover new things. I will explain, in another post, how the following gibberish can explain the cabin mysteries. Well, to begin, we know that the wheel (at the orchid) is related to time travel. We also know that the bomb explosion at the swan created a jump in time. Thus we know that the swan and the orchid are correlated. The theory is that, in the core of the island, always happened a stable electromagnetic oscillation every 108 minutes. When the swan pocket as been drilled, the system has been modified and the oscillation was stopped leading to some sort of instability, the one, at high amplitudes, creates a strong gradient for…

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