Ok, everybody. Another season has come and gone. We've been taken on another roller coaster of emotion, and here we are, waiting until January with so much we still don't know. At least we'll have some time to clean this place up in the off-season.

Now, the last episode. I was a little disappointed. I think I wanted more 2007 and less 1977. Jack pisses me off now, he's obsessed with "changing" everything just so he can maybe get Kate back? That's retarded. You're going to kill hundreds of people, just so you can introduce yourself to your ex-girlfriend as she's being carted off to jail for murder. Good on ya' mate, have fun waiting 15-20. And Kate's just as bad, why did she want to stop Jack? She never said anything more than "that's insane." She never mentioned all the people that were going to die, themselves included, she just gave a "You can't do that! (can you?)". I don't think the writers gave her nearly enough motivation. I was so happy when Sawyer got on the sub last episode, I thought at least someone was going to pull out their sports almanac and do this right. Then Juliette had do go get all "we have to save all those people," and ruin everything. Now they're all still stuck on the island, not realizing that they are perpetuating their own existance there, because there's no doubt in my mind that they caused the incident. I hope all four of them died in that explosion. Oh yeah, and they shot Sayid! C'mon! What the hell!? Screw you, Roger Linus, now I'm glad you die.

Okay, on to the interesting part. Jacob. How cool is he? Not only was he played by Paul from Dexter, but he's pretty much a BA. Did anyone else notice that he touched everyone? And when he went to see Ilana in the hospital he was wearing gloves? Read "wearing gloves" as: "Didn't want to touch anyone". Maybe it was Jacob that was in the temple and fixed Ben in '77, by touching him. And then there are the lists Ben was talking about, that he said Jacob gave him. Is Jacob the one that made the list of the names of the people Sayid was to kill? Were those people really associates of Widmore? If so, is Jacob trying to keep Whidmore from returning to the island?

When Ilana told Bram that Jacob hadn't been in the cabin for a long time, I think the writers were telling us something big. I think that since the first time we saw him in Jacob's cabin, Christian Shephard has not been speaking for Jacob. I think he's been speaking for the Island, or Samuel. At least, I think the mystery of Christian's presence on the Island is a central part of the "Jacob and His enemy" plot arch. Anyhoo, did The Island (represented by the Monster appearing as Alex) tell Ben to do whatever Locke said because it/she knew what "Locke" was up to, and has been trying to get rid of Jacob for a long time? Is Locke completely dead? His body looks pretty darn good for a body that's been dead and unrefrigerated since the crash.

So if Jacob is trying to keep Widmore off of the island, and having Ben kill his associates, is Widmore working for/with Jacob's enemy? Does Widmore know Jacob's enemy will use Locke's body/assume his form to kill Jacob? Is that why Widmore helps Locke get back? Are we then to infer that Widmore is working with this enemy, against Jacob? Is the "war" we've been hearing about not between Widmore and Ben? Are they merely pawns in the greater struggle between Jacob and his foe? Do we really have to wait seven months to find out!? AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH.-- Roobydo  talk  contribs  00:25, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

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