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March 9, 2008
  • Roobydo

    I started the rewatch with everybody else, but I'm not one to take my time, so I just kept on moving. Today, I watched The Man From Tallahassee. I know the theory has been thrown around that Locke has military experience, and I think I've found pretty daqrn good proof. When Locke is in his appartment, just before Peter Talbot arrives, he's is sitting on his couch, eating dinner and watching TV. Behind him, on the wall above the couch, is what looks like a framed collection of military combat patches. It's possible that it's just a framed poster of the patches, but even that still supports the theory.

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  • Roobydo

    For those of you who want to rewatch old seasons, but don't want to rent/buy DVD's,'s new "full episode player" has ALL 5 SEASONS available to watch in their entirety for free! I just discovered this thing and "wasted" a week of my life!

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  • Roobydo

    Season 5 is OVER

    May 15, 2009 by Roobydo

    Ok, everybody. Another season has come and gone. We've been taken on another roller coaster of emotion, and here we are, waiting until January with so much we still don't know. At least we'll have some time to clean this place up in the off-season.

    Now, the last episode. I was a little disappointed. I think I wanted more 2007 and less 1977. Jack pisses me off now, he's obsessed with "changing" everything just so he can maybe get Kate back? That's retarded. You're going to kill hundreds of people, just so you can introduce yourself to your ex-girlfriend as she's being carted off to jail for murder. Good on ya' mate, have fun waiting 15-20. And Kate's just as bad, why did she want to stop Jack? She never said anything more than "that's insane.…

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  • Roobydo

    Alternate Timelines

    May 4, 2009 by Roobydo

    I'm getting tired of people explaining a lot of mysteries by claiming that "alternate timelines" or "time loops" are being created. What happened happened and can't happen any other way. I know that Faraday said there were variables, and he was exactly right. But do you know what he did then? He tried to change what he knew happened, and he died. It couldn't happen in the past, because that's not how it happened in the present. Every single action that the Losties have taken in the past has lined up perfectly with the present. That's what makes it fun to watch! If they were just changing things and creating "alternate timelines" we wouldn't get the cool "Oh, that's what that meant" feeling every episode.

    The beauty of the whole thing is that th…

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