First, let me clarify about what I'm about to write. This is only my opinion. I have no facts to back up my observations. I have made no contact with any Lostpedia SysOp or Wikia Administrator, so I have no inside information. But I, like many of you, do not like the changes going on with Lostpedia. And I have some concerns. First of all, as many of you know website ratings are determined by the number of hits. The more hits, the more "traffic" so the web site owners can charge for advertising and so forth. There are many ways to encourage "hits". Now, lets face the facts. As great as Lostpedia is, it is still a forum for a TV series that is no longer on the air. Obviousley, we have seen a drop in traffic. I believe the recent "contest" with badges being rewarded to blog, edit, leave messages, and so forth, with chance to win a DVD is of course a gimmick to increase hits. And now this new forum on comments also tries to increase the number of hits. Now, I don't have a problem from the business end to help out this great site but I fear that they maybe trying to increase the traffic so they can eventually sell the site. And I've seen what can happen if this happens. The new owners would have the right to the "Lostpedia" name and one day we log on only to find the site is something entirely different. I hope I am totally wrong in my observations and I hope that someone much more knowledgable about the web business than I am can set me right. Thank You.

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