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March 13, 2009
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    As the 100th episode of Lost, “The Variable” turned out to be pretty doggone pivotal. It gave the “castaways stuck in the Dharma Initiative” storyline a gigantic kick in the pants, started aligning things for what’s sure to be some major, major stuff in the season finale, and actually managed to answer a lot more questions than it asked. Most importantly, at long last we finally got to know the background story of one Daniel Faraday, and what makes him tick...

    Continued here...

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    Pulling into focus the juggled threads of multiple storylines, "Namaste" didn't put the focus on any one specific character. It was an ensemble piece, filling in many of the blanks from the last two episodes, and propelling the action unquestionably forward. There were no major bombshells, or even head-scratching twists. Just good, old fashioned character development and plot progression.

    We also saw the return of several favorite side characters, but I'll save their identities for the recap. As Gandalf would say, a deep breath before the plunge...

    Favorite lines: "Oh. What?" and "I guess we found Sayid." - Hurley.


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    The Island: it's the central mystery around which all of Lost revolves.

    There has to be one ultimate explanation of just what this Island is, even though we’re not likely to receive that intel until the last episode of the final season. And I think we can all agree that the explanation for an Island that has so much supernatural activity is not going to be a scientific one.

    There are a number of popular theories among Lost fandom, and in light of last week's revelation of the full four-toed statue, and other ancient monuments we’ve seen of late (like the Temple), it's high time we took a good hard look at everything we know and determine which theories have the greatest probability of being right.


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