Ok, so not EVERYTHING. Not everything can be connected quite yet, obviously. But I have a bad memory, and no time to watch all these episodes again. So I am trying to connect certain things to try and get a grasp of who brought who there, and who was impersonating who. I realize we do not have all the answers, but I know there are some that can be answered. By the way, please correct me if I am wrong...Like I said, I have a bad memory!

So, I want to start with this really quickly...Jacob told Hurley that he has to save Sayid. Jacob's note to Dogen said (supposedly) that if Sayid dies, then we are all in alot of trouble. So, since Jacob went to Ilana, and she is the reason Sayid is on the Ajira flight, that would mean that Jacob brought Sayid back to the island. For whatever reason, Jacob needed Hurley to try and save him. Now that Sayid is "infected", can Jacob not use Sayid now? Food for thought.

Next, in going with the theme of the show, Claire shows up finally. Where has she been? Well, we last saw her with "Christian". I am not sure if any of you watched the recap episode last night, but it has the ticker on the bottom with captions, giving some insight. They noted that the ash around Jacob's cabin was more to keep the smoke monster IN, not to keep him out. So if that is the case, then Christian would be Smokey. If that is true, then maybe he convinced her to leave Aaron. For what reason though?? Also, if Kate's real reason for coming back is to find Claire, then maybe not only Jacob has a part in the Losties coming back to the island, but Smokey does too. Keeping Claire on the island would eventually give way to Kate coming back. Although I don't necessarily believe that is the only reason Kate came back to the island. But that is neither here nor there.

I know this show is like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon theory, but on a different level clearly. There are MANY MANY more connections that just those two, but I want to get some insight as well before I write a novel and no one reads it. --Robinmisner 17:42, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

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