What if the bomb did go off, it just had different outcomes than what Faraday predicted. They woke up in present time on the island, and maybe that is what Jacob meant when he said "They're coming" in the 5th season finale. The "losties" are coming to present time. I don't know exactly what their purpose is on the island, but I do know that the MIB wants to go "home", wherever that is. Possibly their mission is to (for some reason) help MIB go home.... once he goes home, and now that Jacob is dead, there is no one there to rule it, hence the island will fall apart. Or sink perhaps? Possibly something else happens to erase everything that happened to the people on the island, therefore the different lives and alternate timeline we are seeing now. I think the alternate timeline could possibly be what would happen to these people if the island was gone, or sunk, so to speak. If there is no island to crash on, there is no big island mystery. Maybe in this alt. timeline, Jacob didn't come to those certain people, therefore not destined to be on the island. Little do they know ( or maybe they do!) that they DID go to the island, but through time traveling (due to the island) everything is erased, reversed, changed, etc.

I could be totally totally off, but these producers have done crazier things! --Robinmisner 15:10, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

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