I have to say I've liked the final season of Lost, I even liked Across the Sea for the most part, but there are a couple of things bugging me...The first major one is the outrigger chase. The fact that it hasn't been revealed who was in the other boat and the probability that we will never know is something I'm having a hard time with. It wouldn't have been that difficult to show despite what Darlton said. We wouldn't have needed to see Sawyers group clearly to know it was them. The second thing bugging me is Frank, no mention of him, no hairy corpse, no nothing...he's just gone, I hope this gets taken care of in the finale. The third thing is the massacre of the Ajira folk, I want to know who actually did it. Just a couple of thoughts, I know they aren't vital to the story, but they feel like lazy or bad planning to me.

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