If there was to be a reset after the bomb goes off (fingers crossed there's not, feels unwarranted so late in the series) would the current time in which the survivors of the plane and the other inhabitants of the island end, hence would they fail to exsist? Would this mean that the time they were in becomes a nothingless non existense area possibly white? If so at what point do they unknowingly travel back from this tangent of time to the fixed timeline? For the oceanic passengers would it be the exact final second before the electromagnetism in the hatch became so strong as to bring the plane into the island? What about the likes of Juliet and the others existent in 1977 what point in this corrected timeline would they travel back to? And then what about the rest of people in 2007? It just doesn't seem to fit right under the theories of a tangent of time most notably displayed in Donnie Darko. What does everyone think?????????

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