After just watching Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnolia" some of the themes and events which occur in this film relate to Lost. Therefore, I believe that some of the elements existent within Lost may have been inspired by this film. For instance, "Magnolia" tells the story of many different lives which all connect to one another much like our losties. Secondly this film is very much about child prodigies and their effects on others lives’, hence, in Lost Walt is seen as a special child with extremely special powers (he is also African American much like the main child prodigy in "Magnolia") Furthermore, a central ideal of this movie is that certain events and happenings are not coincidences, rather things happen for a reason, destiny, fate, intervention all exist. To conclude within Magnolia there are a number of subtle and not so subtle references to the biblical passage Exodus 8:2 which resonates with the constant appearances of the numbers any by extension in what may have been a reference to this very point the season one finale was titles Exodus parts 1 and 2 respectively. What do you think? If you have not seen this masterpiece I highly recommend it as it will appeal to fans of Lost who like to think about mysteries and meaning of shows and films.

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