• Rickitson

    1) Frank is a 'candidate' to reincarnate Jacob. 2) The person in the chair in 'the cabin' who Locke saw when Ben took Locke to 'see Jacob' in Season 3 is Jacob's nemisis (Or 'Flocke' if you will - i.e Fake-Locke. The guy with the beard who wants to kill Jacob in the opening scene of the finale) 3) The ash surrounding the cabin was put there by Jacob to enclose Flocke (Jacob's nemisis) in the cabin but when it was broken it enabled him to be freed and take the form of Locke. 4) Jacob stopped Richard from ageing durin the time Jacob enprisoned Flocke.

    What you think?


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  • Rickitson

    Rose and Bernard

    February 15, 2009 by Rickitson

    Hey everyone, Rick in the UK here.

    Just wondering if anyone had any predictions on Rose and Bernard?

    What you think has happened to them? or what you think will happen to them? Will they survive till the end of LOST? will they ever leave the island?

    My personal hope is that they will live happily ever after on the island lol


    Rick x.

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