Okay, there are a lot of great blogs recently that have asked a lot of questions, presented a lot of theories and just generally pointed out a lot of interesting crap concerning Season 6. But I'm getting really tired of at all the bloggers who are complaining that they are disappointed because Kate's episode was worthless or that the temple is a bore or whatever (and I used to be one of you). As some writer from EW pointed out, THIS IS SEASON 6!! This isn't Season 2 where the creators can play around with this story line or that one and junk the ones that don't work (Nicki and Paulo?). They know where they are going and NOT ONE SCENE in Season 6 is meaningless! The guy who cut off Kate's handcuffs - someone mentioned that he is too well-known a character actor to be in a throwaway scene - so we'll probably see him again. We know that Desmond is going to be a part of Season 6; so is Widmore! RELAX! It's all going to work out and we're all going to leave this series with shit-eating grins. So what will we do then?? Sorry had to vent and sorry I'm not as articulate as some on this site!

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