Hi there. I am new to Lostpedia and i am from east europe, so i am sorry if my english is bad. So i got 2 theories, maybe the have been already discussed here. so my first theory is about the statue. as we know its a statue of Taweret an egyptian goddes of birth as i know. so i think the problems with birth on island is because of the destruction of statue. my second theory isnt actually mine. i was watching some videos on youtube about lost and i read one comment where guy explained his theory. here is a quote got a theory. in pilot jack goes missing after getting chased my the 'monster' i believe that what ever happend to Locke when coming face to face with monster also happend to Jack and both are playing games with each other as we have only seen jacks dad and lockes dad i thought this theory was actually cool. and this might be the pilot clue the producers were talking about. but if we got to see this in season 6 somehow, then i wish i never read it. P.S. anyone thinks that the perfect couple would be Richard and Juliet ? i think the would look awesome together.

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