• Rezh lovedes

    Names rewritten

    February 27, 2010 by Rezh lovedes

    Im sorry if this has been posted before but i cant find it. I was looking at the screencaps of the lighthouse wheel, and i am wondering why 'Sheppard' and 'Jarrah' seem to be rewritten. as in those names were there, and then gone over again. It does look like the same handwritting, so why would they be written again? Kwon and Austen dont appear to be rewritten. But Burke could POSSIBLY have this same trait, it could be shadow so im less sure on this. Any thoughts?

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  • Rezh lovedes

    I'm considering the current theory that the Vallentzi (sorry sp) equation could be changed by changing one of the numbers, and im wondering if this has already happened.

    Does anyone know why Ajira was flight 316? I've always wondered why the three was used here in place of one of the already established numbers. I mean they use them for everything else so why change this? I could be wrong and there is some other explaination for it that i missed, but if not could this mean that the equation CAN be changed, and the writers have already given us a clue for this?

    I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on this. Even as to why the number three has now been used. :)

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