I've noticed that a lot of people seem to be rewatching the series already, starting with the pilot. This brings to mind the one big unanswered question from the pilot: why Smokey/MiB killed Seth Norris, the pilot of O815. I've seen a couple theories lately that I had never really read before, such as MiB was just pissed that so many candidates had arrived on the island at once, and he decided to take it out on the first person he encountered that he was able to kill. Another theory is that MiB wasn't "ready" for the Losties to know what he looks like yet, so he kills the pilot.

My personal theory is as follows: I would have to say that MiB may have realized that the pilot could have been valuable to the survivors in their efforts to leave the island. I'm not saying that Norris would have used his mad pilot skills to cobble together a new plane out of wreckage, bamboo and seashells. I just think that he could have used his knowledge of air travel, flight paths, bearings, etc. to benefit the Losties and eventually help them get off the Island.

Anyways, MiB couldn't let that happen, because he had to kill the candidates before they got back to the outside world (which is why he later manipulated Locke into getting the O6 back to the island). Therefore, the pilot had to die.

This is just my theory about this unanswered question, and I was curious about what other people thought about my theory, or any other theories that might be out there.


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