My theory for the opening scenes of Season 6 is as follows:

I predict that the scene will be the same scene that began Season 3 (O815 crash seen from Barracks), up until the moment in which the plane is begins to break up over the Island. At this point, there will be a flash/earthquake, signifying a deviation from the original/meant-to-be timeline. When the flash ends, the plane will be seen flying over the island and out of view, without crashing. We will then see Ben staring up in awe and confusion, wondering what just went on. He'll then ask Ethan to accompany him to the Flame, in an attempt to determine which plane he saw. Upon their arrival, Ben will call for Mikhail, but he will be answered with "Sorry, you just missed him, brotha...". The door will open to reveal Desmond: "I'd be glad to give you a hand, though." Ben will respond with "Desmond, I'm afraid there's no time for pleasantries. We need to figure out who was on that plane."

Cut to clear blue skies, with land seen in the distance. The camera pulls back through the windshield of O815, between the pilot and co-pilot's seats. The pilot (Seth Norris, not Frank) will page back to the cabin: "Cindy, could you make the announcement now, please? We're comin' in." Cut to Cindy telling the passengers that the plane is coming in for a landing. We then see quick cuts of all the passengers (including Boone, Shannon, Michael, Walt, Charlie, Claire, Rose, Bernard (on his way back from the bathroom), Arzt, the Marshal, Ana-Lucia, Libby and Eko, and NOT including Nikki and Paulo).

Now here comes the catch: the wheels of the plane are seen touching down, followed by a brief flash of light. After this, our main characters (and a handful of extras) will be seen looking around at the other passengers, who are ALL DEAD, seemingly of heart attacks. After a few moments of shock and reaction shots from the named characters (the plane has stopped moving by now), a man (an extra), surrounded on all sides by other dead extras, will yell, "What the hell just happ-" interrupted by the guy EXPLODING! Cindy is then seen screaming, "GARYYY!!!!"

After this, there will be shots of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Locke, Sun, Jin and Sayid (the people who Jacob touched). There will be a brief flash of the scene in the pilot where Gary Troup gets sucked through the engine, causing it to explode. After this, Jack and Kate will be seen shaken and confused, but quickly playing off the flash as a weird vision.

Cut to the cockpit, where Norris, scared from the death of the co-pilot, yells back, "Cindy! What was that?" Cut back to Jack, who hears a blood-curdling scream from the cockpit. Doctor that he is, he runs up to the cockpit. Kate (brushing off the shell-shocked Marshal) and Charlie follow him. Jack grabs the fire extinguisher from beside the door and uses it to break the door open (simultaneously with another memory flash of Jack doing the same on the island). The trio then see the pilot's bloody corpse, strewn across the dashboard of the plane.

Another memory flash of the past: Jack, Kate and Charlie looking at Norris' body in the tree. Charlie is seen saying: "How does something-"

Back in the plane: "like that happen?" Jack and Kate tear their gaze away from the body to stare at him. Charlie (who hasn't been having the flashes) says: "What?", and then finds his way back to his seat. Jack and Kate then stare at each other, realizing that they are both having the flashes, and (for now) it is left up to the viewer to decide whether or not they remember everything, or just what they have seen.

Smash cut to black.


So, what do you think? Is it cool? Is it confusing? Is there any chance in hell that we'll actually see something like this? Questions?

Thanks for any feedback.

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