Jughead Incident: Nothing's Changed?

Redshirt23 February 7, 2010 User blog:Redshirt23

I think it's pretty clear that the jughead detonation did not cause the split-timeline, rather that this was the original "incident" that required the button to be pushed, thus proving that everything the losties did in 1977 was the start of what caused them to be there. Think about it: Sayid ALWAYS shot Ben(thus making him who he was), The losties were ALWAYS in 1977(remember the picture Christian showed Sun) and Daniel was ALWAYS killed by his own mother. Eloise raised him knowing full well his fate, however she was much wiser than him and knew time could not be changed, he had to be sent to the island otherwise how would she have killed him 30 years ago?

With this in mind, the "what happened, happened" idea has to be true. Otherwise if the jughead detonation never happened originally but everything else did, WHH is both simultaeneously true and untrue in the same timeline and this would be impossible.

Showing the alternate timeline directly after the jughead detonation was just meant to mislead us. After all, this would be way too straightforward and when has Lost ever been that obvious? I believe that the events in this final season will cause the alternate timeline some other way, I also think Desmond will play a major role in this. After all, Daniel said he was special and Eloise told him that the Island wasn't done with him yet...

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