Is the final season the best season yet? What do you guys think? Sure, every single season of Lost is surreal and differs from one another story wise. But the final season is really completely different from the rest. With monumental re-hashes such as the Black Rock and the Tawaret (partially) addressed, I'm excited that most major questions have been answered. However, a variety of mysteries need to be solved (Walt,Jacob's Cabin, Christian(MIB), etc.) But so far I am very pleased at the direction the five final episodes are heading, and of course a hint of sadness is flowing as the show reaches its final stretch. I love how believable Terry O'Quinn's acting is as The MIB, however my theory is that when the two universes merge together the real Locke will encompass Flocke and he will end up winning the candidacy or something similar to that nature. One thing that really pissed me off was Ilana's death but oh well...

But it's hard deciding which season is the best, personally Season 2 was my favorite one.

Any thoughts on the best season of Lost?

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