So far the only question that really bugs me is who was the real resident of Jacob's Cabin? Now I have many problems with the half-assed answers that the writers/producers have provided in regard to this inquiry. Evidently it seems that Jacob never set foot inside the cabin except for when he left the Tawaret illustration to warn Ilana. The real resident of the Cabin was Jacob's twin Mib and he was supposedly trapped hence the ashes. There are several clues that point out the MIB as the resident of the cabin such as when he took Christian's form and fooled Claire into living with him. Ilana clearly said that "he has not been here for a long time, someone else has been using it." Obviously the MIB. However there are several inconsistencies with this answer. For instance if the MIB was trapped inside all along, how was he able to torment our losties, and take the form of Christian,Yemi, etc.? Can he be in two places simultaneously? Unless the cabin was just part of his master plan to get Ben to murder Jacob. But I strongly believe that is not the case. I would be seriously disappointed if this doesn't get answered by the end of the series which is only 3 and a half hours away.

Please, fellow Lostpedians, your input is welcome.

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