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April 21, 2010
  • Redatom

    Top 10 TV Shows after Lost

    September 18, 2010 by Redatom

    What's up y'all, I haven't posted for a while. We all know that Lost is the best show of all time. What are your top 10 TV Shows after Lost? I'll start.


    1.Battle Star Galactica 2.Alias 3.Mad Men 4.Dexter/Burn Notice (Both are equally awesome!) 5.Better Off Ted/Andy Richter Controls the Universe 6.Supernatural 7.Smallville 8.Spaced 9.Reaper 10.True Blood

    My list is endless so i'll just stop at 10.

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  • Redatom

    Many people disliked the idea of a magic, force-like light governing the island and the earth, and I recently came upon a great theory that explains everything scientifically. Trust me, if you disliked season 6 like 80 percent of Lost fans, this theory will likely restore your faith in the series as a whole. It fits the show's mythology perfectly and doesn't shy away from consistency. I DID NOT write this theory, so all the credit goes to Eric from, therefore I don't take any credit for this theory whatsoever, I am simply promoting this theory.

    You can read it here, but I recommend that you follow the link here:

    ABC’s LOST: the ultimate theory and explanation by ERIC on JUNE 1…

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  • Redatom

    So far the only question that really bugs me is who was the real resident of Jacob's Cabin? Now I have many problems with the half-assed answers that the writers/producers have provided in regard to this inquiry. Evidently it seems that Jacob never set foot inside the cabin except for when he left the Tawaret illustration to warn Ilana. The real resident of the Cabin was Jacob's twin Mib and he was supposedly trapped hence the ashes. There are several clues that point out the MIB as the resident of the cabin such as when he took Christian's form and fooled Claire into living with him. Ilana clearly said that "he has not been here for a long time, someone else has been using it." Obviously the MIB. However there are several inconsistencie…

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  • Redatom

    MIB was always Smokey

    May 13, 2010 by Redatom

    First of all, I really enjoyed this episode and give it 9.5/10 stars. However I just wished that it was longer and that they explained the Jacob's/MIB cabin ordeal. Now with that out of the way let's do the analysis. Circa between the year 3000 B.C. and 31 B.C. (the end of ancient Egypt.)This is evident in the fact that they(Adam and Jacob.) played the Egyptian game Senet. Crazy Mommy believed in Tabula Rasa (clean slate) and didn't want Jacob and Adam to the corrupted by the selfish deeds of man. Sure it may sound quite hypocritical on her part but it's therapeutic to her and they rid her of her solitude. Then comes in the Heart of the Island which one of them must protect from man who is greedy and can't get enough of it. Added to the…

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  • Redatom

    Lost Music Video

    May 7, 2010 by Redatom

    What's up, dont mean to get off topic or anything but my brother made an amazing(imo) music video focusing on Jack's relationship with his father, Locke, and the island...and it hasn't gotten the acclaim it deserves. Trust me, you all (everybody) will love it.

    youtube Link

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