Forgive me if this has been covered already and I've missed it (watching in UK so have to quarantine myself from Lostpedia every few days until I've caught up with US airdates!), but I'm terribly confused about Daniel's timeline. I know there hasn't been a definitive birth date given for him yet, however, piecing together what we know: He was a professor at Oxford University in 1996, yet he apparently wasn't born in 1977 (as Eloise is pregnant in "Follow the Leader"). That's only possible if he went straight from graduation at age 18 to being a professor. Now, I know he's good, but really?! And Jeremy Davies, who plays him, was born in 1969. I know the character doesn't have to be the same age as the actor, but really? Are we supposed to believe that Dan's only 29 when he died (having gone back to 1974 from 2004 and then stayed for three years)? And if that's the case, he would be seven years younger than Charlotte... (I know there's been a bit of a blip about Charlotte's age vs the actress who played her, but even so)

Does anyone have any info I haven't picked up that might clear up how old he's supposed to be...?

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