• RedShirt2342

    So, yay, my first ever Lostpedia blog, although I have been following the site for a while and a Lost fan since (almost) the very beginning...

    The finale episode was by far the best finale so many things to discuss so I'll try to keep it minimal.

    I think it's definitely interesting that SmokeyLocke told Richard to tell the real, recently-shot-by-Ethan Locke that he would have to die...setting his whole plan in motion so Locke would die and he could pose as him and carry out his plan to kill Jacob via Ben. Wow, that was definitely a run-on sentence..oh well, moving on.

    Also, I love how they are referencing Jacob vs. Esau/ God vs. Satan to show this whole black vs. white/ good vs. evil epic battle it looks like, and I hope, they will b…

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